2011 Conference  //  Program

October 17, 2011
  • 8h00 : Participants’ arrival
  • 8h30 : Arrival of the guests of honor
  • 9h30: Introductory remarks and presentation of the program
  • 9h15 : Opening remarks

President of the Republic of Burundi or his representative

Mrs Sabine Ntakarutimana, Minister of Health of Burundi

Mrs Ginette Karirekinyana, Director General of ACECI

Ambassador Libérata Mulamula, Executive Secretary of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region

  • 10h00 : Coffee break
  • 10h20 : Feasibility of the catmint project and acceptability of the mosquito repellents

Mr. Rémy Havyarimana, Burundi

Dr. Jean-Claude Bizimana, Burundi

Pr. Gregory Patience, Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal – Canada

Mrs. Ginette Karirekinyana - ACEC

  • 11h30 : : Questions and discussions
  • 12h30 : Lunch
  • 13h45 : Issues surrounding malaria, sustainable development strategies and funding mechanisms

Chairman : Representative of the World Fund against malaria

Representative of the WHO in Burundi

Mr. Soumana Sanda, Minister of Health of Niger

Representative of the PNILP (National integrated program for the fight against malaria) - Burundi

  • 15h15 : Coffee break
  • 15h30 :Technological transfers,  south-south exchanges, activities that generate income  and regional development policies

Mrs Lucie Mainguy – Aliksir (Québec)

Représentative of l'Energie Grands Lacs (EGL)

Représentative of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (CIRGL)

  • 16h45 : Summary of the discussions and conclusion to the day’s work
October 18, 2011
  • 8h30 : Arrival of the participants
  • 9h00 : Access to anti mosquito products, responsibilities and Human Rights.

President of the Parliament of Burundi

Minister of Agriculture of Burundi

Minister of Human Rights of Burundi

  • 10h15 : Coffee break
  • 10h30 : Questions and debate
  • 12h30 : Lunch
  • 13h45 : Journalist’s Forum – ABR
  • 15h00 : Coffee break
  • 15h30 : Partner’s Forum: ABEM, ACVE, ABR, ALUMA
  • 16h30 : Summary and conclusions

Le Catmint project is based on the vision of sustainable development