Project  //  Focus

Investing in populations

This project is an operational concretisation of MDG 1 – End Poverty, of MDG 6 – Combat diseases such as paludism, and of MDG 8 – Global partnership. This project requires the involvement of cooperation and development players. Once it's launched, it will allow the creation of employment, access to new technologies and collaboration between the public sector and the private sector.

Respect human rights

Just like the law on HIV/AIDS, this project is initiated in the preparation for the translation of the MDGs in an anti-poverty law recognizing poverty as a violation of human rights. Producing and promoting anti-mosquito products at affordable prices enables vulnerable populations – particularly children under 5 years and pregnant women – to have access to preventive commodities against vectors of malaria.

Top Sustainable development and renewable resources

This project whose populations are the primary beneficiaries is an investment in sustainable development. It involves several actors of cooperation (governments, private companies, NGOs, academia, foundations, etc.). By targeting the fight against malaria – leading cause of mortality, job creation and investment, capacity building, economic growth through trade in the sub-region and even beyond the borders of East African Community, this project addresses social, economic and environmental issues.

In addition to funding part of the project by selling carbon credits, the production of hydrogen can be done thanks to solar energy.