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Like all projects initiated by ACECI, the project titled "Production of a catnip-based mosquito repellent to fight malaria" has an important pedagogical component not only for the North but for the South as well. It inspires students to complete internships and term projects and serves as a case study in several different courses offered in Canadian universities.

Last autumn, two groups – one from the University of Laval (in "International Projects"), the other from the École Polytechnique de Montréal (in "Conception of Industrial Processes") – contributed to the project's development through their work. See Team – Students

This past winter, both undergraduate and graduate students in chemical engineering, worked on case studies under the direction of Gregory S. Patience. See Student PSG table

Together with course work and projects at universities, ACECI offers students from the North and South the possibility to complete internships in Quebec or in Burundi. See link to Internships –